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Café Europe – motivated business circle
aims at Cape Town based business people with a European link. The intention of this business and social network circle is to look for practical but perhaps also slightly unexpected issues and


Thessa Bos
Policy adviser, commercial and cultural affairs Consulate General of The Netherlands.
Contact details  
Cell: 079 434 1156
Phone: 021 421 5660
E-mail: kaa-ea@minbuza.nl
Internet: www.dutchconsulate.co.za

Wibo van den Ende
Commercial director of S.A.F.E. (South African Fruit Exporters) produce, pack and export fruit (grapes / pomefruit & stonefruit and citrus) from Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa worldwide.
Contact details  
Cell: 082 556 3890
Phone: 021 657 4004
E-mail: wibo@safe.co.za
Internet: www.safe.co.za


Jordi de Looff
Creative entrepreneur and owner of Real Life Concepts, with Willemijn Jumelet. Real Life Concepts focusses on concept and brand development.
Contact details  
Cell: 073 785 3136
Phone: 021 424 3571
E-mail: jdl@reallifeconcepts.com
Internet: www.reallifeconcepts.com


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